Melissa Hebert is passionate about advocating on behalf of others and engaging the community on issues that effect us locally and nationally.   Ms. Hebert is an entrepreneur who seeks to motivate and encourage others to become entrepreneurs as well.

A seasoned transportation veteran, Melissa founded a local car sharing service that provides members with  24/7 access, to a decentralized fleet of cars, for a low hourly and/or daily rate.  She also provides consulting services to small business owners.

Melissa holds an undergraduate degree in Political Science from California State University, Dominguez Hills and also holds a professional certificate in Hazardous Waste Operations (HHW).

Melissa currently volunteers with the Inglewood Unified School District serving in the capacity of:  Secretary of the Bennett-Kew PTA , elected to the District Advisory committee (DAC) representing Monroe Middle School and elected to the School Site Council (SSC) representing Monroe Middle School.  She resides with her two sons in Inglewood, CA.



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